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  • Sale! Biaper's Majestic Baby Pants

    Biaper’s Majestic Baby Pants

    • Comfy– Very Comfortable to wear for your kid.
    • Leak Proof – Holds the pee and poop without any leakage and gives zero discomforts to your child.
    • Rash Free – Made with gentle care for the kids to provide them a good feel
    • Long-Lasting Protection – Provides quality sleep to baby and parents as well with Up to 12 hours of protection.**
    • Free Disposable Bag – We provide disposable bags along with diapers to easily dispose of used diapers, which comes very handy especially while travelling.
    • Hygiene Kit– Each diaper package comes with a Glove & Wet Wipe to ensure proper hygiene maintenance for baby and parent both.
    • Eco-Friendly Packaging– The diapers come in non-plastic packaging which ensures the well-being of nature as well.
    • Multiple sizes– Diapers are available in all 4 sizes (s-m-l-xl) categorised according to the child’s weight. 
  • Sale! Biaper's Premium Baby Wet Wipes

    Biaper’s Premium Baby Wet Wipes

    • Gentle Cleaning: Biaper’s Baby Wet Wipes are specially designed to keep the hygiene of your baby on point.
    • Easy to use: Gives your child a smooth and soothing feel while using the wipes and a very gentle cotton-like feeling on the touch.
    • Alcohol & Paraben Free: Bad ingredients are always out because your little one’s wellness is our main priority. 
    • On Package Lid: Easy to pull each wipe every time with the on package lid to maintain hygiene and also prevent wipes from drying out.